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Tom Malinowski filled a big blue bin with some of the obscure analog instruments in his basement and brought them out to Maker Faire. I particularly liked the Atari Punk Console in the antique radio and the Modutronic Messmaker synth.



  1. David says:

    Volt and amp meters with coils and one pound magnets in wood cases.
    Vacume Tube Volt Meter (VTVM).
    Round panel-mount Weston meters.
    Oscilloscope with vacume tubes or later “discrete components’ (each replaceable compared to later digital “integrated circuits” / chips).
    Short Wave Radios with physical antenna tuners and Radio Frequency PreAmplifiers before the mixer / detector instead of dumping directly as in many digital setups (GIGO: Garbage In / Garbage Out).
    Slide Rule instead of calculator.