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If you’re an amateur cyclist, you’re probably aware of the cost of a decent bike rack for your car. On top of that, installing a bike rack can be slightly cumbersome–not to mention a little theft-prone if you neglect to purchase a lock. For about $50 in parts, this handy DIY suction mounted roof rack looks like it would do a fine job of allowing you to shuttle your bike around. When not in use, it could easily be stored in the glove box. [via Bike Hacks]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. trkemp says:

    This is neat, but I’d be afraid of it coming loose. Not only would you lose your bike, but if it hit anyone/anything else there would be significant legal issues.

  2. Tony Woolf says:

    Don’t try this at home! The only legally safe roof rack is endorsed by the vehicle manufacturer or reputable supplier for the vehicle it is used with.
    I know these suction devices are good but would it stand the force of the wind at 70 mph (plus possible adverse wind speed)? A friend of mine had a bike rack carying a tandem, at 70 mph it ripped the gutters off the car. Luckily there was no vehicle close behind. And there were no usefully salveagable parts of the tandem.
    And as for being theft-proof, a knife to puncture the rubber and release the vacuum and it would just lift off.

  3. Andy L says:

    I would imagine that the bodywork would flex and distort over time also.

  4. Walter Anderson says:

    If a commercial rack is a little “theft-prone,” how is this any better?

    1. Keith Neufeld says:

      I reckon you unstick it from the roof and put it inside your car when you park.

      1. Walter Anderson says:

        You can do that with a commercial rack as well…

        1. I think the idea is that commercial racks are oftentimes too cumbersome and time-consuming to constantly take down and put up. I’m sure you’ve seen people who leave their bike racks in place even when not in use.

  5. Bill Chance says:

    I’ve had commercial racks come off at speed… still, a safety cord of some kind (ran through a closed door) would help with peace of mine.

    Thanks for sharing.