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Once again the folks at PPPRS have put on a great show! How does this not look 1000% fun?

The world’s only $500 electric motorsport continues on at Maker Faire Detroit! The 2nd round of the 4th season of the Power Racing Series competed on July 28-29 at the Henry Ford Museum. Here are just some of the thrills and spills that went down. I’d like to thank Sector 67, i3 Detroit, Omni Corp Detroit, J-Squad, Pumping Station: One, CCCKC, Ribbon Farm, Hack Pittsburgh, “The Wedding Party”, Velocihacktor, and Milwaukee Makerspace.

John Baichtal

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  1. trkemp says:

    Grrrr! I find the modern fashion of exaggerating by claiming that something is more than 100% of a whole incredibly annoying.

    I know in John’s case he’s just doing it for emphasis and knows that “1000% fun” makes no sense, but I hear people on TV saying things like, “give it 150% effort”, “I’m 200% ready!” or “I’m a million percent in love!”. What my mind translates that to is, “I’m mathematically ignorant and proud of it!”

    1. John Baichtal says:

      Fair enough! Looks like LOTS of fun.

      1. trkemp says:

        I agree, it does.

        1. As someone who got recruited as a track marshal and then as a driver (!?) I will go so far as to say it was “a ton” of fun! ;)

          1. Jerry Murray says:

            Standard or metric?

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  3. badjuujuu says:

    You didn’t thank LVL1

  4. Jason says:

    Are we thanking the guy who purposefully ran into the guard rail sending the small child to the hospital as well?