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Ask anyone who’s built a robot using an Arduino and they’ll tell you it’s a lot of work. You’ll need a motorshield, sensors, servos, and a host of other items to put one together, then you’ll have to spend a lot of time coding. Want something complex like motion tracking or voice recognition? Unless there’s some code you can parse or very well written libraries, it’s going to take hours of programming to get things working the way you want.

That’s what I love about the EZ-Robot Complete Kit (available in the Maker Shed.) Using the items included in the box you can build a fully functioning, interactive robot in an afternoon with no coding experience whatsoever. All you need is an idea, a Bluetooth equipped Windows PC, something like an old toy to house the electronics, and a hot glue gun. Simply assemble your bot, load up the EZ-Builder software, and bring your creation to life! Experienced coders can download the EZ-Builder SDK for even more functionality. I highly recommend this kit to anyone interested in building robots, animatronics, and interactive displays. Check the product page to see all the details!

Michael Castor

I am the Evangelist for the Maker Shed. It seems that there is no limit to my making interests. I’m a tinkerer at heart and have a passion for solving problems and figuring out how things work. When not working for Make I can be found falling off my unicycle, running in adverse weather conditions, skiing down the nearest hill, restoring vintage motorcycles, or working on my car.



    1. Michael Castor says:

      The software is Windows only. You can use a Mac with Parallels, VirtualBox, or VM-Ware. Not having native Mac software is my only gripe. Regardless, this is one of my favorite products in the store.

      1. Sam Cornn says:

        With Parallels, VirtualBox, or VM-Ware you still need to buy windows. I will have to wait.

  1. rocketguy1701 says:

    +1 for multiplatorm support. I have win/parallels, and can think of few ways that I’d enjoy spending time less (being waterboarded, or a root canal maybe). It’s a total deal-breaker for me, sorry. I’d rather spend the time doing some form of ardu-bot independently.

  2. matt says:

    Stop with the make shed adverts already, its lame and you know it. There is already a link at the top and an advert on the side and a much bigger advert on the bottom of the page, we get it you have a store and want us to buy your stuff. What happened to this is how you make things now most of what I see is this is something you can buy to make a things.

  3. maybe anyone have bootloader for ez-board?