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Pwdr is an open source powder-based rapid prototyping machine. Its goal is to promote experiments and innovations in powder-based rapid-prototyping. The machine is ready to use both the 3DP as the SLS process with minimal adaption, although the printer is currently prepped for 3DP.

A whole new range of materials become available for experimenting with open-source rapid-prototyping; for example, when using the 3DP process: gypsum, ceramics, concrete, sugar, etc. And when the SLS process is fully supported, plastic materials like ABS, PP, Nylon and metals become available as building material.A Hewlett Packard inkjet cartridge is used for the deposition of binder. The cartridge can be refilled with custom binders using a syringe. A custom binder of 20% alcohol and 80% water has been proven to work.

[via 3ders via Beyond the Beyond]

John Baichtal

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  1. Brent Hannah says:

    So …. What does it do .. exactly?

    1. Marshall Hansen says:

      Simply uses liquid binder from the print head to create a solid by spraying on the powder – different binders for different powders (materials). The solid form is built with each pass of the printer head.

      1. protoneer says:

        How strong would an item be that is made this way? Especially a metal printed item.. Would love to print items that I can fit to my projects directly. :)

        1. Marshall Hansen says:

          Lots of info on Google. “powder printer prorotyper”, etc. M

          1. Marshall Hansen says:


          2. Protoneer says:

            Thanks Marshall… So many links, so little time.. ;) Found a nice you-tube video on the metal printing process

          3. Marshall Hansen says:

            nice video – there are so many specs and materials so one has to know limits of intended use/application/forces/size etc. Not enough room in comments :) Good luck – M

  2. Joel Finkle says:

    What’s the patent situation on 3DP and SLS?

  3. Hank says:

    It’s pretty, but it would be nice to see a gallery of things it’s printed instead a gallery of the printer looking all clean and pretty.

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