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If you’re still on the fence about exhibiting at RI Mini Maker Faire (six days away!), perhaps this will sway you. Instead of the badges we’ve done in the past, fellow RI Mini Maker Faire crew member Matt Stultz and I are printing up a bunch of Maker Badges. Never before has a lanyard been so collectable.

They aren’t yet on Thingiverse (otherwise, how could I use them as an incentive for you to sign up to exhibit?), but Matt’s 3D Kickstarter award based on the original RI Mini Maker Faire anchor logo certainly is: check out the Mini Maker Faire Rhode Island Keychain.

Brian Jepson

I’m a tinkerer and finally reached the point where I fix more things than I break. When I’m not tinkering, I’m probably editing a book for Maker Media.



  1. 3D printing of a flat object like that? Seems like laser-cutting would take far less time and be much more efficient.

    1. Brian Jepson says:

      I agree. But I don’t have a laser cutter at home. I’ve got two 3d printers and plenty of PLA in a whole bunch of different colors.