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The art of paper marbling has been around for a long time. You sometimes see the covers of books or stationery decorated using this technique. On Make: Projects, Marcia Friedman shows how to create Japanese sumi ink marbling, a particular style of marbling which produces beautiful swirling patterns of black, white, and gray.

Suminagashi images from Flickr user juni xu

In the video below, a marbling artist demonstrates a more premeditated design by painting on water and then carefully laying down paper over it.

How-to: Japanese Sumi Ink Marbling

Watch Dale Dougherty right now to learn more about marbling paper, live on Maker Camp! (12pm PST)

Laura Cochrane

I’m an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, and etymology.



  1. Thamalek says:

    GPO (Government Printing Office) in Washington DC still uses paper marbling and edge marbling for certain heirloom projects. they have some amazing videos in thier youtube channel. specifically

    1. Laura Cochrane says:

      That is a really interesting video, thanks!

      “Marbling dates back centuries. Accountants used it to make sure nobody ripped pages out of their financial records.”

  2. tunc says:

    Thats art of EBRU. Its well known art in Turkey, and middle east i guess. If you google it (Art of Ebru) find very useful staff

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