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For a few weeks, Antonin Fourneau has been working in residence at Digitalarti Artlab on the Water Light Graffiti project: a wall made of LED which light up when touched by water. After several tries, prototypes and material improvements, Water Light Graffiti was finally ready to take place for a few days in a public space, which happened to be Poitiers. From July 22nd to 24th, Poitiers inhabitants could discover and try Water Light Graffiti with the artist, the Digitalarti Artlab team and Painthouse, a graffiti collective, invited for demonstrations.

[via Adafruit]

John Baichtal

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  1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

    once again we’re left with: “yes, that -is- cool… but, how’s it work?” or in this case, what’s the sensor, or switch, that connects the led in response to water. i see them grinding away part of the plastic housing of the led… is that it? seems unlikely. is this another trade secret?

    1. adcurtin says:

      Google Translate says: Plates Water Light Graffiti, before and after installation of LED. The “flowers” conducting electricity on the front allow LED light up when they come into contact with water. Day 2

      So no big secret. It was really 2 clicks to go from this page to that facebook album.