By which I mean: sewing swimsuits! I’ve never had the courage to sew my own, but I’m increasingly frustrated by the lousy quality and fit of most swimsuits I’ve come across. After poking around a bit on the Pattern School site, I’m a little more inspired to forge out on my own once I’ve gotten some stretch sewing under my belt. While not aimed at beginners, the site says that “everything you need to design women’s swim or dancewear patterns is already here. By combining the various elements of each lesson a design student should be able to create any number of designs.” (Via Petit Main Sauvage.)

  • Mellie

    I’ve always wanted to be able to make my own swimsuits! Oh, the possibilities! :)

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  • Lauriana

    I just found this post through a google search for Pattern School because I wanted to check the site again and found that it wasn’t there anymore. I really hope you manage to get in touch with the author and get the information back online because it was an amazing resource which I would sorely miss.
    By the way, thanks for the link to my blog! I also made a bathing suit the year before those bikinis which is here:
    And I’ve been using Pattern School blocks when drafting for lingerie as well.

  • Ali

    I also came here after trying to find Pattern School! It was a fantastic resource and I’m now feeling totally stuck after moving overseas and leaving all my patternmaking books in storage back home (I know, stupid… never assume you’ve learnt everything you need to learn).
    I hope he renews the domain name or whatever needs to be done to get the site back online.

  • Saar

    Good news! Once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever ;)
    You still can visit the old site at

    • Ali

      ah!! you just made my day! thank you so much. I was kind of in disbelief that something could actually disappear from the internet.
      thank you thankyou thankyou.

    • fouetteturns33

      Oh, I could kiss you right now! I too have been cyber stalking the owner of this domain/blog. I only stumbled on it in June and then when I checked back to start applying some of his techniques I was devastated to find it gone. Thank you so much for the archive link!!!!!!

  • Guest

    where did the website go? i can’t seem to find it anywhere anymore!

    • Lyss

      Web caches still have it. I use wayback machine to read it.

  • frenie

    Great pattern making. Thanks for the idea.

  • Alan Johnson

    Hi Stephanie

    I just saw your post regarding the contact details of the author. I too only realised recently that the blog has been abandoned and have been trying everything to get in contact with the author (Stuart Anderson). I am so keen to encourage him to keep his blog up as it was an incredible help.

    I’m not sure if you have had any luck in contacting him since your last post, but if you have Please let me know. I’d be willing to host the information for stuart, just so the information is available.

    I have tried searching for him on facebook, I contacted a textile company he gave a reference for, I contacted the hosting company who hosted his site asking if they would pass my email address on to stuart. But I’ve had no luck so far actually making contact with him.

    If you do have any info you can let me know on my email address – [email protected]

    Thanks a bunch