North Carolina Teen Named Recipient of ARRL’s 2011 Hiram Percy Maxim Award:

Derek Brown, W4DTB, of Chapel Hill, North Carolina, was named the recipient of the 2011 Hiram Percy Maxim Award. Brown, who is 14, has been licensed since 2010 and holds an Amateur Extra class license.

Derek first became interested in Amateur Radio after reading an article in Make Magazine. “After I read the ARRL Ham Radio License Manual, I went to the local club, the Orange County Radio Amateurs (NCOCRA) to take my Technician test,” he told the ARRL.

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Make:Project – Ham radio enthusiasts were really some of the very first makers. Join the ranks and take ham radio into the 21st century!

  • trkemp

    Unless my concept of makers is way off the mark makers have existed since the first tool was improvised. I’m pretty sure the first tool was not a ham radio and that it predated radio of any sort by several years.