Autodesk recently released an update to their 123D Catch photogrammetry app that now runs on the iPhone. Similar in function to the previously iPad-only app, a user captures a series of photographs that get forwarded to an online service for processing into a 3D model. This has to be one of the easiest ways of capturing 3D objects–just take a series of photos and upload to get a useable 3D object suitable for output on a 3D printer.

Adam Flaherty

Adam Flaherty

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  • lrwickerdesign

    Now we need it for Android please!!

  • Robert

    Hooray, proprietary software that can be taken away from you at any point at Apple or Autodesk’s whim.

    • lrwickerdesign

      So enjoy it while you can, there is always time to whine about it going away when it does : )

    • me

      Stop being alarmist. It’s trivial to backup ipa files. Also, the program can output to obj format.

  • Codecrafter

    Everything old is new again. We did this with the Picture3D product at Real3D around the turn of the millennium. Of course now there are convergence devices (smart phones) that streamline acquisition and upload, and possibly more compelling uses for the models such as 3D printers.