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Drop the bass, grab the power saw.

When we hear about cool project builds, it’s like music to our ears.  But making music from the soundtrack of a busy workshop?  Even better!  Power tools and beats come together in perfect harmony in this video by maker Mystery Guitar Man.

  • Goli Mohammadi

    I can’t decide if it’s perfect because dubstep sounds like power tools or because power tools sound like dubstep ;) Match made in heaven!

  • Nate

    Can’t say I’ve ever heard a hammer sound like that… Fun, nonetheless!

    • Andrew

      ask not how the hammer sounds. instead ask how you sound to the hammer…

  • Julian Bond

    Hexstastic + Coldcut on Ninja Tune from 2005, obviously.

    • Shawn Alverson

      hehe , I have this EP

  • Kodiak

    Nice to watch, but MGM just put video on some (good) music from someone else

  • Power Tools

    Can not see anything in the image Or video please fix it.