From director Christpher Kezelos, this five-minute film about “a strange creature [who] races against time to make the most important and beautiful creation of his life,” has taken the festival circuit by storm.

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Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is the editor-in-chief of Make magazine, and the founder of the popular Boing Boing blog.

  • Laura Cochrane

    Wow, that’s great!

  • Carl Kim

    Awesome piece!

  • Christopher Kezelos

    You can also check out this ‘Making of’ video on how we made camera dollies for the film out of discarded 35mm film strips, a gutted flatbed scanner and an old bicycle wheel:

  • Brett Coulthard

    Excellent film! Time is everyone’s enemy.

  • Quinn

    Breathtakingly marvelous!

  • novusophia

    What’s more beautifull than creation for the sake of life?

  • Greg

    Take home message…RTFM!

  • Preecha Songsakul

    .. Awesome ..

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  • theliteratecondition

    Thank you! Thank you for reminding me why art is so important. Life. Beauty.

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  • McHonza

    Very nice.
    Remnicent of the maker in Edward Scissorhands & the original short that 9 was made from.