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If you happen to find yourself shopping along Manhattan’s 10th Avenue now through October 28, you won’t want to miss Story‘s latest pop-up store, Making Things. Rachel Shechtman and Co. teamed up with GE Garages, TechShop, Skilshare, Quirky and MAKE to deliver a DIY retail experience like no other. On hand are seasoned makers holding over 40 events including: workshops, contests, talks, classes, and demos of the tools and techniques that are driving the desktop manufacturing revolution. [via Cool Hunting]

Adam Flaherty

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  1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

    read the summary, hit most of the links, still can’t figure out to what “pop-up” refers. (likely it’s not referring to: paper art nor web ads)

    1. Adam Flaherty says:

      It refers to a temporary or transient retail outlet

      1. miroslava von schlochbaum says:

        ah… we call those soda-up out here on the west coast.