In March, Sean Ragan pointed to Dangerous Prototypes’ tutorial on generating 3D models of printed circuit boards from Eagle files. Since then, Dangerous Prototypes has posted a follow-up tutorial that explains how to use Kerkythea, an open source rendering application for making realistic 3D images. The results are stunning. See the example above.

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder

Mark Frauenfelder is the editor-in-chief of Make magazine, and the founder of the popular Boing Boing blog.

  • lasershark

    read more?

  • kongorilla

    Unless something has changed since I stopped paying attention to Kerkythea, it is not open source. “Free to use” ≠ OS.

  • willy134

    Can we fix the RSS feed? This was definitely not worth clicking through to see. I can’t stand the simple photo and short snippet in the RSS. I skip a whole lot of Make content that may be interesting to read.

  • flecko

    Indeed…what happened to the Make Blog? It’s become a fair bit more abbreviated than it used to be. I’ve mostly switched over to reading other hacker blogs like Hack a Day.

    But don’t worry…I still love you Make!

  • engineerzero

    I visited the website and aside from a nice slide show nothing seems to work.