At HeatSync Labs in Mesa, AZ, I noticed an innovative approach for dealing with the stuff that members leave unattended in a makerspace. If members leave a project out on a table, they can be cited with a parking ticket by one of the board members.

If members want to avoid a ticket, they can get a parking pass that details how long they expect to leave stuff out in the space.

Each member of HeatSync Labs has access to a storage box to use to put things away. But as anyone who’s ever had a roommate knows, some people are just not good at picking up after themselves. A makerspace can begin to look pretty cluttered if everyone leaves projects out in a shared workspace.

Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

I’m founder of MAKE magazine and creator of Maker Faire, which are produced by Maker Media, where I’m Executive Chairman. I am also Chairman of the Maker Education Initiative (

  • Laura Cochrane

    Ha! That’s a pretty good idea. We should have project parking tickets & permits in Make Labs!

  • Skyler

    TC Maker has been using the parking ticket system for a while. You can find more information as well as copyleft copies of our tickets you can use on our wiki:

    • DanBackslide

      Credit where credit is due: We got the original idea from I3 Detroit, and adapted it for our own nefarious purposes.

  • Luis

    Yep TC Makerspace created it and open-sourced it. We use it in KC at CCCKC!

    • Riley

      TC Maker’s space, the Hack Factory, did indeed lift the idea from I3 Detroit. It was one of the many brilliant things we found there.

  • plerudulier
  • Jacob Rosenthal

    Agreed we got it from them! Thanks!
    Also any member can cite another member.

    –Jacob from HeatSync

  • balloondoggle

    I’ve got to adapt this for around the house – laundry, dishes, toys, the dog…….

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