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In each bi-monthly episode of DiResta (every other Wednesday at 2pm PT), artist and master builder Jimmy DiResta (Dirty Money, Hammered, Against the Grain, Trash for Cash) lets us into his workshop, to look over his shoulder while he builds whatever strikes his fancy. On this episode of DiResta, Jimmy is asked by a friend to create something for an auction. Given that the friend runs an organization ( that facilitates the reuse/recycling of props from film and TV, Jimmy created a unique storage cabinet, “junk doors,” using some of the junk drawer contents he found in her shop. – Gareth Branwyn

 DiResta: Junk Doors


  • Recycled cabinet
  • Box of small treasures (aka junk)
  • Flea market door hinges
  • Birch plywood for the door frames
  • Smoothcast 325 to epoxy all the parts into the bottom/back of each door panel
  • Flat black latex paint
  • I also used a hidden cinder block beneath the bottom shelf to act as a counter-weight when the doors are opened

Jimmy’s Notes:

My friend, Eva Radke, owner of Film Biz Recycling, is holding a fundraiser on Nov 9th. She asks me to make something for the event. I decided to use content from her shop. I collected a box of junk and also the cabinet with no bottom. Since her shop looks like a giant junk draw full of cool stuff, I was inspired to make a cabinet that looked like it was overflowing with wondrous things.I was also inspired by Louise Nevelson and Paul Evans

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