Red Bull’s Kluge Rube Goldberg Machine was built over 17 days by Syyn Labs (who also built that OK Go RGM using over 100 builders and 25 tons of material.

Not to be a naysayer but I’d much rather watch a video of a bunch of nerds trying to set up a RGM (or better yet, help them!) than watch a bunch of jocks triggering it, but it’s still an impressive sight.

[via Core77]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Michael Castor

    Rhys Millen is my hero – especially after his Pikes Peak record this year. Ken Block’s got nothing on him!

  • npc

    Looks more like video splicing than continuous string, golf balls laying in the background. Debris in the background of several shots. No video angle including more than two people.

  • Mike

    I agree with npc, plus I always thought the beauty of Rube Goldberg machines was the fact that once set in motion by a human, it required no other human input before the final result was accomplished. This is an interesting take on RGM’s for a diversion, just not as impressive as, say, the ok Go video.