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Tis the season to help robots build better robots through gift exchanges among puny humans. And Maker Shed is doing its part to serve our future mechanoid overlords with a full array of robot kits, books, controllers, parts, and more. And for the wee ones who can’t build actual robots yet, we have enticing robot toys to help acclimate them to the coming glorious Robotopia.

OK, maybe I spent too much time neck-deep in robot parts during the Thanksgiving holiday and am a little…wired, but do check out our fine selection of bots in the Shed. There’s something for every robot hobbyist on your list. Wait, I swear those Roveras just moved closer to me when I turned around to type this. I think I’ll ease up on the hard cider.

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Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn

Gareth Branwyn is a freelancer writer and the former Editorial Director of Maker Media. He is the author or editor of over a dozen books on technology, DIY, and geek culture. He is currently a contributor for Boing Boing and WINK Books. And he has a new best-of writing collection and “lazy man’s memoir,” called Borg Like Me.

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