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As a very small and inexpensive computer, the Raspberry Pi is sure to find its way into tons of projects over the coming months. To help those projects come to fruition, here are a few awesome Raspberry Pi-related gift ideas for your favorite maker this holiday season.

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  • Dudley Irish

    I know this won’t work, but I am giving it a try. Have you looked at how many scripts from how many sites you want me to authorize just for this one page? I am about 30 seconds away from dropping my subscription to Make’s RSS feed. It is practically useless to me.

    • Ken

      To me too, the sheer amount of external sources for javascript required to make this page load properly is excessive. Thank goodness for NoScript, but even then, it’s a bit hit and miss to know which parts are ham, and which parts are s.p.a.m…. come on, MAKE!

  • alfred

    I really want to get one of those for my iphone. it can make me play fighting game more easily

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