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It’s our dirty little secret. Most of us here at MAKE spend more of our time putting out the magazine and website than we do actually making the things we write about.  (That’s what the crew in MAKE’s lab gets to do.) But the rest of us still have dreams of devoting more time tinkering in our garages and making stuff. The holidays are the time to dream such dreams. What follows is a list of choice picks from a variety of MAKE staffers. Whether we’d actually have time to make use of any of these goodies is another matter. But then again it’s better to give than to receive.

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Stett Holbrook

Stett Holbrook

Stett is a senior editor at MAKE with abiding interest in food and drink, bicycles, woodworking, and environmentally sound human enterprises. He is the father of two young makers.

He is also the co-creator of Food Forward, a documentary TV series for PBS about the innovators and pioneers changing our food system.

Contact Stett with tips and story ideas on:

*Sustainable/green design
*Young Makers
*Action sports

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  1. So, is everything on MAKE just a slideshow now? I’m _this_ close to dumping the rss feed completely…

    • Ryan Dev on said:


    • Everything is not a slideshow. The only slideshows we are publishing are the gift guides. Everything else is a straight-up blog post. We are publishing the gift guides as slideshows because we think the multiple photos are best suited to that format. But if you want to skip the slideshow simply click “view all.” Thanks for reading.

      • Mike Hayse on said:

        I love your feeds, except the slideshows aren’t smart phone friendly.. can’t hit a “view all” button if its off the page.. hope this helps. Before you comment, I don’t own a working computer.

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