Entrepreneur magazine has named Adafruit‘s founder and lead engineer, Limor “Ladyada” Fried, as the Entrepreneur of 2012. A tireless proponent of the open source movement, Limor started Adafruit in her dorm room at MIT in 2005. Today, Adafruit is housed in a 12,000-square-foot industrial space in the SoHo neighborhood of New York City, sells 800 different products, and hit $4.5 million dollars in sales in 2011.

Check out the video below for more about Limor and Adafruit. Her own words sum it up best:

My passion is teaching people electronics and showing them just how fun engineering can be. … Not only do I design and manufacture electronics, but then I give away the recipe of how it’s done. And I do this because I think it’s really important for people not only to understand how we make stuff, but how they can make stuff themselves at home. … I give away all this information so people can learn, share, and build their own businesses from it.

Congrats Limor! You’re a fine role model for budding engineers across the globe.

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    Goli Mohammadi

    Goli Mohammadi

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    • Scott

      …I think you meant “4.5 MILLION dollars”, not “4.5 dollars”. One is a good sales figure for a company, another is enough to buy me a small sandwich.

      • Goli Mohammadi

        Thanks Scott! Best typo I’ve made in a long time :)) Fixed.

    • ameyring

      Congratulations! You are a true champion of the open-source and maker movement!

    • John Chubick

      Well deserved!

    • cyclist916

      Congrats! I am jealous of all of the fruits of her labor, but she absolutely deserves her award.

    • BobAtWork

      I’ve followed her work since those dorm days at MIT. She absolutely deserves this – an impressive individual.

    • Balloondoggle

      Congratulations, and thank you!

    • ka1axy

      Well deserved. For a while I thought hardware hacking was dying out. Limor has been one of the leaders of the comeback. Hard work, dedication and intelligence are occasionally rewarded!

      (along with MAKE, of course :-)

    • Johnross1968

      Smart is Sexy.

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    • darylynn

      What a clean work area.