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Captain Finn

Redditor (and father of the year) JeremiahGorman posted these photos of a simulated spaceship he built for his son Finn’s fifth birthday. Assembled with surplus electronic components including a master control board from a television station dumpster, the spaceship’s control panel is mounted below Finn’s newly-lofted bed. Check out the gallery below for photos of the build process and Captain Finn operating his brand new spacecraft.

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson

Matt Richardson is a San Francisco-based creative technologist and Contributing Editor at MAKE. He’s the co-author of Getting Started with Raspberry Pi and the author of Getting Started with BeagleBone.

34 Responses to Redditor Builds Spaceship for Son from Scrap Broadcast Equipment

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  1. This is a grass valley 300 controller. The same type as used in the death star’s firing sequence. (although yes, the death star’s one has an extra row of buttons here and there, for keying & delegation….)

    …The link is my username link.

    Source : I am a broadcast Engineer.

  2. Forgot to mention: If he can find the time to get inside the panel, you can make all those buttons light up and flash…

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  5. Looks like he is old enough to wipe and fade.

  6. flugfrei jones on said:

    man, i wanted something like this when i was a kid. lol!

  7. flugfrei jones on said:

    (now i’m content with wanting a bad@$$ flight simulator setup..)

  8. In a dumpster?!? I’m always on the look out for broken gear to butcher. I’m so jealous of these cool buttons and switches!

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  12. TigTogDew on said:

    Oh wow, no way man how cool is that! One lucky kid!

  13. That GV board is the same one we had in Studio B at UVU. Learned my mixing skills doing the UVX News.

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  15. It is NEVER OK to let your kid wear his hat diagonally backwards. Let alone take a picture of him like that and post it on the internet.

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  18. Ha cool – I made something similar when i was a weebie.. spent a couple of years adding lights and buzzers to it. Had a photo copier as a portal window and some old audio mixing gear as buttons and levers… those T-bars are pretty cool.. wish I had found some of them!

  19. jimbotbay on said:

    lol … the stories about a kid playing with the new spaceship dad built for him, and all the commenters ( adults, theoretically ) can do is try to out-geek each other by showing that they know what kind of long-outdated equipment it is.

    congratulations, losers, we’re all suitably non-impressed. now grow up and get a life.


  20. Awesome Dad, I had to make do with a cardboard box with crayoned control panels. This kid is lucky to have such a great father.

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  22. Andres Leon-Geyer on said:

    What a lot of (good) work and imagination, thats father love. The kid looks really happy. Congrats to both of them for having each other.

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  24. Shawn L. on said:

    Spaceship built for son?

    I guess he was preparing for the Mayan Apocalypse by going “Jor-El” route.

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  28. Contact me lets open a franchise of this

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