I spotted this kitschy RV lamp the other day, brightening up the cream and sugar station at Acre Coffee in Petaluma, Calif. It’s made from that plastic canvas used for cross-stitch and needlepoint, and it made me smile.



Laura Cochrane

Laura Cochrane

I’m a DIY editor at Instructables and I used to be an editor at MAKE and CRAFT. I like hiking, biking, rock climbing, and etymology.

  • Shanna

    That is so cute. I wish I had the pattern for this.

  • Carolyn P.

    Is there a pattern for this. Designer, please step forward!

  • Anabella

    This is so amazingly awesome and cool!

  • Karen

    I would love this pattern…..would the designer please share????? Thank you!

  • Susan

    Love this!

  • Laura Cochrane

    Hey guys! I think it’s quite possible that this was vintage. It didn’t look super new. One of you all should try making it and post a tutorial! If you do, be sure to add a link in the comments here. : )

  • Carolyn P.

    Laura, do you remember how the lighting was added? And the wheels? There is a pattern booklet available for a fashion doll camper which could be a guide for the basic camper.

    • Nani

      I have done a covered wagon night light. It uses a 3-4 ft cord and a 7 watt bulb at the end that looks like one of the old fashioned large Christmas bulbs. There is a clip on the bulb socket. Cut a small square opening in the bottom canvas just large enough for the bulb and clip to fit into. Wouldn’t it be cute using various colored bulbs to fit the mood?

  • [email protected]

    It’s cute camper lamp…Do you have the pattern? because I would the pattern please.

  • Beth

    Does anyone have Mary Maxim’s Christmas Villages that started over 30 years ago?

  • Irishgirl71

    Do you happen to know the name of the artist or designer who made this?

  • nucole

    How can I purchase this pattern

  • Bev Runyan

    can you post the pattren please been looking every where

  • Amanda

    I also have been looking for this pattern for about a year now and no luck in finding it. So I made my own pattern of it. As of now I am working on putting the wheels on it as well as the awning. So far it looks really nice.