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Makio: A 3D printed Makey the Robot with added clay nose, eyes, and hat, and Patti-Goop mustache and "M."

Makio: A 3D printed Makey the Robot with added clay nose, eyes, and hat, and Patti-Goop mustache and “M.”

I’m working on a project for Make Volume 35 which — spoiler alert — helps you make molds of your choice and use that to cook Patti-Goop in a self-made oven. I had made some mustaches as a test, and the other night at the Raspberry Pi Meetup, some people were playing with them and put them on a 3D printed Makey the Robot. Therein, Makio was born.

This realization lit a fire, and we began creating tons of Mario-themed Patti-Goop molds to have an amazing photo shoot, including the image you see above.



  1. Renee Kirk says:

    Hi Paloma, I saw your profile on the Maker Camp. I am currently looking for someone who could tutor my 14-year-old daughter in how to make simple robots, including the electronics and programming of it with Arduino or Raspberry Pi. We live in Sonoma County. Do you know anyone who might be interested? She is a beginner, but has a long-standing interest in robotics. She recently made an operational hovercraft for her 8th grade project. She recently bought the Getting Started with Arduino book from O’Reilly Media. Thank you for any help you can provide.

    1. palomafautley says:

      Hi Renee,

      I’m so excited that your daughter is interested in robots. You have raised her well! This semester is a bit busy for me, but if you’re in Sonoma County you should definitely check out Technology High School. This school taught me everything I know and they’re a great environment that fosters creativity and teamwork through their project based learning. I may sound a bit like an infomercial, but I loved my time there.

      Other than that, Make and Maker Camp are great resources for learning more. The kits in the
      Makershed are great ways to fill in your knowledge gaps and make something cool.

      Be sure to post anything she makes online, I’d love to see it!


      1. Renee Kirk says:

        Thanks Paloma!

      2. Renee Kirk says:

        We are aware of Tech High and the great job that they are doing. We applied, but unfortunately my daughter wasn’t able to get in. So we’re trying to find ways to fill in some of that technical education on our own. Thanks for your help, and best of luck with your own schooling.