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If there’s a standout maker-modded project from 2012’s Weekend Projects it’s clearly the MonoBox Powered Speaker. Makers not only love exploring audio amplification, but they also enjoy customizing their MonoBox’s aesthetics. From using cigar boxes to cookie tins, the MonoBox is a great project to customize. Readers Hauke and Jakub recently wrote in with pictures of their builds. What I especially like about Hauke’s story is that he originally left a how-to question on the project page and Scott Vincent who previously built the MonoBox into an ammunition can responded. It’s great to see one maker lending another a helping hand!

"I added a 10K Ω pot and a LED. I used an old teabox."

“I added a 10kΩ pot and an LED. I used an old teabox,” writes Hauke.

Hauke also went ahead and built the stereo circuit below with leftover parts.

lm386 stereo The Endlessly Modded MonoBox Powered Speaker

And below, Jakub writes in with his version of the MonoBox built into a tiny treasure chest, whose lid closes to hide the audio player. It looks like he lined the lid with a gasket to help seal the unit from air leaks and even covered the exterior with some art to signify the function of his project box.

I made a stereo version.

“I made a stereo version. I also added an illuminated rocker switch. The whole thing runs off 8AA [batteries] or a 12V DC power supply.”

20130115 230611 The Endlessly Modded MonoBox Powered Speaker

20130115 212028 The Endlessly Modded MonoBox Powered Speaker

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