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Fabric lovers, this post is for you. Robert Kaufman Fabrics is looking for customer input for new colors to possibly add to their line of Kona cotton solids. The fabric line asked for similar feedback a few years ago and ended up adding 28 new colors to their offerings. So far folks have suggested Pantone’s color of the year to more gray variations. What would you suggest?


  • Bonney

    I don’t know what they could add but I’d love to have a yard of every color there is already!

  • vickilw

    I rather love the softer tones like dusty shades of every colour e.g. dusty blue, pale lavender etc.

  • vickilw

    Oh and apricot

  • http://likelyhousewife.wordpress.com elementsoferin

    They’re all gorgeous and already so many to choose from but I personally think their Coral is too red! A new coral!

  • http://twitter.com/xsuzi00 Su Zi (@xsuzi00)

    Color panel looked glitzy and cheap on screen; designed tones need to have inimitable sophistication, not crass appeal. Suggestion: less saturation–smoke tone to cool hues, a small bit of white to warm ones. I collect fabric, but would not even keep accent swatches of these–disappointing, but I appreciate, very much, the chance to give input: thanks!

  • http://www.cindycooksey.com Cindy

    You could use more blues. Something in the teal, turquoise range. Also, more than one yellow would be nice. Yellows range from buttery to lemony.