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When I got married I thought I was a boss because I had custom titanium rings made for my wife and I as wedding bands. Not only did they look unique, but they kept with Buckminster Fuller’s idea of building the strongest things while using the least amount of material.

If I had known then about the Man Ring, I may have thought twice about that decision. Also made of titanium, Bruce Boone’s Man Ring boasts a bottle opener, straight blade, serrated blade, a saw for cutting plastic and wood, and a comb. They all retract and fold up neatly into the ring, and are sure to one day come in handy in some tight situtations.

[via Technabob]

Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo

In addition to being an online editor for MAKE Magazine, Michael Colombo works in fabrication, electronics, sound design, music production and performance (Yes. All that.) In the past he has also been a childrens’ educator and entertainer, and holds a Masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

9 Responses to The Man Ring is Tasteful Jewelry and a Handy Daily Carry

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  1. My husband is so going to want one of these

  2. So, McGuyver could properly groom a moustache with this?

  3. Yes, I think the comb is strictly for moustache use. Because refinement… :)

  4. This would be awesome if it were not for the name. Way to perpetuate gender stereotyping.

  5. peace and love

  6. Alan Dove on said:

    It’s a pretty wicked concealed weapon, too. Brass knuckles 2.0.

  7. Darian Lewis on said:

    I can’t wait to give the TSA one when I forget to check it.

  8. Quasibozo on said:

    The only practical items on this ring are the straight blade and the bottle opener. The other items are too awkward to use in such a small form. Totally non ergonomic….even the “stache” groomer. Now, if they optimized the two items I mentioned and marketed this to sportsmens stores, they may make some cash. Maybe even at liqour stores. Imagine using the blade to snip some 20lb test line after you rig up a lure or fly. Then pop open a brewskie and you don’t even have to reach for tools.

  9. As the owner of a fine moustache that comb appear like it would be quite adequate.
    Some ladies like “Jake von Slatt” like to have well groomed areas too, and that’s just fine.

    However, it needs screwdrivers and some type of corkscrew. Lest we try to sabre Champagne with such an minuscule blade.

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