Zwax demonstrated his Amalettomat robot at Roboexotica 2012, the Vienna-based annual festival of cocktail robotics. One thing I noticed from the lineup is how many aren’t actually cocktail robots! Zwax’s breakfast bot pours batter, cooks it up, then rolls up the crepe when it’s ready.

Zwax, a member of Austria’s premiere hackerspace, Metalab, is featured in another video where he talks a little about the build.

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    John Baichtal

    John Baichtal

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    • sansay

      It only cooked one side!
      I think that’s unacceptable.

      • Mike

        I don’t think I’d mind.. but where’s the option to automatically drench the crepe in Nutella and bannanas?!

        Seriously want this in my kitchen.

    • Poet

      Crepe truck with built in entertainment!

    • Greg

      Now this is a robot I would like to have around. While I am trying to wake up in the morning, the crepes would be prepared and ready to go.