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barbies blinky dress2

A few years ago, we were happy to learn that Barbie’s 125th career (since her inception in 1959) was computer engineer. Not surprisingly, that career was decided entirely by online vote. Computer engineer Barbie came complete with pink glasses, laptop (displaying binary), and cellphone (and blue Bluetooth). Looks like those years of being a computer engineer have gotten her into soft circuits — this year an available accessory is the Digital Dress:

Always wearing the latest fashions from the red carpet to the runway, Barbie Digital Dress doll makes a customizable digital fashion statement combining fashion, sound-activation and on-trend technology. Using the latest LED and touch-screen technology, girls can create and select their own animated digital designs which appear on Barbie doll’s dress. There are three modes of play—choose from ready-to-go graphics like hearts and fireworks, draw custom designs, and watch designs respond to sound and music. Barbie doll’s black dress uses a 4.5 square inch resistive touch panel and 114 tri-color LEDs. The runway has never shined brighter!

barbies blinky dress3

And looks like she finally took a cue from Leah Buechley’s LED Tank Top project that ran in the first issue of CRAFT, in 2006.

buechley led tank top2

[via Gizmag]

Goli Mohammadi

Goli Mohammadi

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  • cde

    Thats going to be great when they hit clearance.

    • Goli Mohammadi

      Good point! Armies of LED Barbies dance in my head.