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The Bay Lights project will go live March 5.

The iconic Golden Gate Bridge outshines the nearby Bay Bridge. The former is the bridge everyone who comes to San Francisco wants to see. But that could change when the Bay Lights project goes live March 5.

The $8 million Bay Light project is billed as the world’s largest light sculpture, a grid of 25,000 white LEDs hung on the vertical cables of the bridge’s 1.8 mile western span. The laptop-controlled lights will blink and twinkle in a series of abstract, animated patterns that will never repeat during the installation’s two-year run. Want one of the lights for yourself or someone special? As part of a fundraiser for the project, you can choose and name a light of your very own.

The bright idea is the work of artist Leo Villareal. Attendees of last year’s Maker Faire Bay Area got a preview of the Bay Lights and once Leo flips the switch, the lights will shine nightly for all to see.

Stett Holbrook

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  1. they need music with them. We drove over a bridge in Japan with small “rumble strips” that played a tune as you drove over them the length of the bridge -

  2. Absolutely stunning, and whoever’s decision it was, the music went really well in this video, don’t know how complicated “rumble strips” would have to be to replicate it though!

  3. Arthur Dempsey says:

    The Corpus Christi, TX harbor bridge has a stunning led light show. Try youtube to see it in action. Graybeard

  4. I think it should go dark on a new moon.

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