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For the Museum of Mathematics

I wanted to follow up on the two prior installments on the making opportunities presented by business cards with a roundup of some of the more exotic things that one can do with them. Beyond this, if you think I’ve missed some particularly mathematically worthy or impressive business card constructions, please send me your suggestions at [email protected] Thanks!

To begin with, it’s possible to play with ways to dissect and fold a single business card, producing such amazing creations as the one below by Sam Buxton. (Note that this is made from a metal business card, as it is hard to get such precise creases in paper.)

 Math Monday: Business Cards III

Next, you can leave the land of straight folds by creasing along along circular arcs as well, expanding the scope of possibilities. For example, that technique is the secret behind “Orb,” another Jeanine Mosely business card creation, with full instructions here, and its more complex cousin, “Triacontahedral Orb.”

Screen Shot 2013-02-25 at 11.52.50 AM

Or, for a third alternative, you can keep the cards flat but still allow yourself some cutting to produce a wide variety of business card polyhedra, such as these devised by Harrison Ainsworth, also with full instructions:
 Math Monday: Business Cards III

Next time you come across a stack of out-of-date business cards, grab ‘em and enjoy!

Glen Whitney

Executive Director, Museum of Mathematics

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