Give your jeans that coveted lived-in look—sans the years it usually takes to get them there—with this perfectly distressed jeans tutorial from Liz at Say Yes to Hoboken!

Yesterday I talked a bit about the latest trend of distressed jeans which I’m loving! I experimented with a few techniques this weekend to distress your own pair (since it seems absolutely ridiculous to pay for a new pair of distressed jeans) and made some interesting discoveries about how to distress and how to prevent the little knee hole from becoming a big saggy, baggy one.


This tutorial would be perfect for refashioning a thrift store find or transforming an otherwise lovely pair of jeans with an unsightly hole. Head on over to Say Yes to Hoboken to check out all of Liz’s denim distressing techniques!

Haley Pierson-Cox

Haley Pierson-Cox

Brooklyn-based DIY from a Gal in Granny Glasses

  • erica

    Okay. I have a pair of pre-distressed Gap jeans with all the distresses in the EXACT SAME PLACES as that picture.

    Not saying anything. Just saying.

    • Haley Pierson-Cox

      Perhaps they were the inspiration for the jeans in this tutorial. Either way, there are step-by-step photos on the original post, so I don’t think they were faked. ;) -Haley on CRAFT

      • erica

        I appreciate your good intentions. But they are the jeans. Small rectangle on left thigh, rounder small patch directly above larger knee hole, knee hole higher on right side.

        Any way you cut it, sounds like this post is not gaining any fans.

  • Gogus

    “Distressed” jeans are cool because the idea is that you have worn them in a active lifestyle to create such wear and character. I know this comes as a surprise to the gen Y crowd. You have now just created a pair of jeans that are as lame as those “lucky brand” or whatever overpriced mall pieces of junk. I have an idea for distressing your jeans. Wear them for awhile while you do something.

    • Haley Pierson-Cox

      It’s cool if you’re not the audience for this tutorial–I’m not either, actually. But, let’s hold off on the personal insults. If the project’s not for you, just don’t make it. :) -Haley on CRAFT

  • charles92027

    That’s like buying a pre-made scrap book.

    • Haley Pierson-Cox

      I don’t know about that. Distressing jeans isn’t exactly my personal style, but, for people who do like the look, I can definitely see the potential for tons of creativity and personalization. -Haley on CRAFT

  • James Brohard

    Step 1: Buy the jeans
    Step 2: Wear the jeans till the are worn out.
    The end.
    Stupid hipsters.