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Austin, Texas-based artist and audiophile Christopher Locke takes old horns and transforms them into amplifiers for iPhones and iPads, calling them AnalogTelePhonographers. The visual blending of analog and digital is certainly intriguing and the sound (video below) is great. His pieces harken back to a time when classic audio equipment was more a piece of furniture than a sleek box of sorts. He loves seeing people’s reactions when he drops the device into the dock and a “louder, cleaner, richer, deeper sound” comes from the horn. Locke is a lifelong maker, recalling early days of getting trouble in grade school because of his incessant making of tiny sculptures. He says, “I always felt like creating was my need. My place in the world was to make things and to create.”

locke iphone horns5

locke iphone horns

locke iphone horns2

locke ipad horns

locke iphone stand

locke iphone mini horns

Here’s a demo video:

And here’s a short documentary made about Locke that premiered at SXSW:

[via Visual News]

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  1. Dig the Eames chair… Met this guy at SXSW last year. He came with a bunch of pieces and showed them off in the MAKE booth. Super cool.

    1. Chris Locke says:

      Jake- I’m flattered you remember me. That chair was in a pile of garbage from a hoarder’s house. I gave it new red oak veneer, stain, and lacquer, new stainless hardware, upgraded the steel legs, and reupholstered it in vintage Soviet army blanket. Good times. Thanks for the kind words! I missed you at SXSW this year.

      1. No way, great find!