The Homegrown Village at Maker Faire celebrates the fact that farmers and food makers are the original makers. After all, the earliest examples of tool-making and innovation are for the making, hunting, and growing of food!

Homegrown Village Demos and Activities

Homegrown Village Demos and Activities

In a modern day, it’s easy to feel out of touch with these basic skills, as urban environments separate us from where food is produced and there are lots of shortcuts for getting food on your plate without really thinking about where it came from. Homegrown Village encourages you to reclaim age-old skills like beer making, bee keeping, animal husbandry, and food growing while also thinking about how to enhance them with the modern tools and resources available today.

Homegrown Village

Homegrown Village Gardening and Cooking

This is the fifth year of partnering with Farm Aid on Homegrown Village at the Bay Area fair, and each year it’s bigger and better. Make sure you stop by when you come to the fair and sample some delicious and handmade food, watch a demonstration, or take part in a workshop. And it’s not too late to get involved exhibiting, presenting or demonstrating at the Village.

Kim Dow, manager of the Food Makers and Homegrown Village, reports that they “have a pretty good handle on beekeeping and fermentation and tiny houses and coffee, plus a nice film thing happening with Farmshorts and Sonatas of the Soil.” They’re actively looking for food makers and farmers both for Maker Exhibits and to give presentations and hands-on workshops. Good topics include: home brewing, urban farming, foraging, artisan and cottage food making, farm hacks, coop building, backyard animal keeping, seed saving, butchery, chocolate making, school nutrition, community gardeners, bitters/tonic making, and guerrilla farming. You can still apply to be part of Homegrown Village via the Call for Makers, closing on Friday March 22. After that, or if you have questions,  contact Kim at [email protected]

Homegrown Village Butchering & Animal Husbandry

Homegrown Village Butchering & Animal Husbandry


The Road to Maker Faire Challenge will award $2,500 to one winner to bring his or her project to World Maker Faire on Sep. 21 & 22, 2013 in New York. Use the funding for materials, transport, or anything else you might need to get to Maker Faire. Applications are due by 11:59pm PT on August 5, 2013.

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