Nicely done on the April Fools’ prank, guys!

The i3detroit DIY Dentistry event was a big hit, and everyone had a fantastic time- at least until the anesthesia wore off! i3 member Dustin returned from a recent trip to Latvia armed with the knowledge and tools to make this class a jaw-crackin’ success.

Dustin began the day with a brief history of DIY dentistry, and provided many DIY DOs and DON’Ts (for example, DON’T use bondo for fillings; DO visit Thingiverse for fillings and crowns you can 3-D print with ease.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • chuck

    One of my front teeth got knocked out when I was younger so I have a cap. The cap got broken while dumpster diving but since it was fake there was no nerves or pain, but it was jagged and sharp. When my girlfriend found me in the bathroom smoothing it out with a dremel tool she nearly fainted. Good times.

  • Brandon McBride

    Chuck! You’ve cracked me up here at the office. I cringe at the idea of smoothing anything in my mouth with a dremel – fake or not.