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Robot combat: fun for the whole family!

Despite the large number of categories of robots here at RoboGames, the resounding sounds of metal on metal and cheers from the crowd keep drawing us back to the combat arena. We were immediately surprised by the variety of locations and backgrounds these teams come from, whether it’s a High School from across the country, a local engineer working in his garage, or a robotics team from Brazil.

It seems like the typical strategy for combat teams is to bring as much of their machine shop and tools with them as they can; one team from South America brought along drill and arbor presses, among many other hand tools and a veritable arsenal of LiPo batteries. The team of my alma mater, the Georgia Tech RoboJackets, even built a scrap robot with leftover parts, called “MPP” (or “More Pit Places”), in order to secure a larger pit area for their team, to support their main robot Mandii.

Photographing the combat itself isn’t easy, but you can check out a few photos of the action below:

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