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The Monkey’s Paw is an antiquarian bookstore in Toronto that now also houses the world’s first randomizing vending machine for old books — the Biblio-mat.

“I went fishing this past summer with Craig Small, co-founder of The Juggernaut, an animation studio in Toronto,” says Stephen Fowler owner of the Monkey’s Paw bookstore, “I had this idea that I would love to have a vending machine that gave out random books. I pictured it as a painted refrigerator box with one of my assistants inside; people would put in a coin and he would drop a book out. But Craig is more pragmatic and visionary then I am. He said, ‘You need to have an actual mechanical vending machine.’ That was beyond my wildest imaginings, but not Craig’s, so he just built it for me.”

(via the Quill & Quire)

Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan is a scientist, author, hacker, tinkerer and co-founder of a startup working on fixing the Internet of Things. He spends much of his time probing current trends in an attempt to determine which technologies are going to define our future.

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