Becky’s latest wearables project, over at adafruit, combines three components from their FLORA sewable electronics ecosystem—the microcontroller, the accelerometer/compass module, and the RGB LED “pixels”—to create a no-solder sewable circuit that sparkles when you sashay! Twinkles when you tiptoe! Glimmers when you galavant!

Hmmm. “Coruscates when you canter” is probably overdoing it. You get the idea.

Model: Risa Rose

Beautiful work from Becky, as usual, in both design and documentation.

And if none of those verbs suits your personal branding, the project could easily be adapted to make, say, a raincoat that radiates when you ramble, a duster that dazzles when you decamp, a serape that scintillates when you saunter… (Repeat and fade.)

Overview | Sparkle Skirt | Adafruit Learning System

Sean Michael Ragan

Sean Michael Ragan

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  • misterhay

    Perhaps some pointe shoes that pulse with panache when you pirouette.

  • David Jerkins

    Seems gaudy, not my cup of tea I suppose. Still a neat concept though.

    • Sean Michael Ragan

      Nor mine, personally. But putting lights on a garment while keeping it tasteful and restrained is a hell of a design challenge, and I think Becky’s done a better job of meeting it here than anyone else I’ve seen. I mean, do a Google images search for “LED fashion” and compare this to what you see there, or to something like Robert Redford’s outfit from The Electric Horseman. /shudder…

  • Jolly

    Who’s looking at the dress when those knockers stand out much more!

    • Sean Ragan

      It’s a “skirt,” not a “dress!” And those are called “shoes,” not “knockers.” What are you, from Ireland or something?

      • Sean Ragan

        Sorry, no, I still don’t understand what you’re talking about. Try being less subtle.

        • Sean Ragan

          Dude, I think you’re making this more complicated than it needs to be. It’s not about shoes. It’s not about birds. The skirt has LEDs on it!