One of my favorite maker exhibits at Maker Faire UK in Newcastle this weekend is by Andy Noyes, a first-time participant in Maker Faire. His knitting animatronic robot, AGNES, doesn’t just go through the motions of knitting. She actually produces a knitted scarf using a circular loom. Andy said he’s just glad she continues to work through the long weekend.

Robotknit poster

Here’s a short video of AGNES in action.

I could watch this captivating robot perform its repetitive sequence over and over. I’m not alone as others gather around for a good look at Roboknit. That she looks up from her knitting now and then is a wonderful gesture, which some find a bit creepy.

Dale Dougherty

Dale Dougherty

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  • Alan Dove

    That’ll be the perfect scarf to wear for a trip through the Uncanny Valley.

  • John T

    Really was an amazing piece to see. Got to agree with “creepy” though. Walked past it when I got there at 0830, safe to say my half asleep brain wasn’t expecting that! Was fine once I woke up mind…