1744_519802478058868_1068122400_nStuart “Mr. Retro” Sandler built a super retro robot from plans found in a 57-year-old copy of Boys Life he’d purchased from eBay. Stuart had heard about the robot as a teenager and wrote to the magazine for the copy of the plans. They sent him a photocopy but left out a couple of key details, which he learned about later after he’d bought the actual magazine. Here’s a video of the robot in action.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Aba

    That watch makes him look like Flavor Flav

  • Mr. Frykas

    It’s Craptacular… By today’s standards of course…

  • http://www.greenstartconsulting.com.au Dave


    its 2013 – wheres my robot?

    Kind Regards