RadioShack is showing off a sample of their new Delta Series Mini PC Board at Maker Faire. I was able to grab a quick picture of it sitting behind the attached display. It’s looks really¬†impressive. Make sure you stop by their booth and check it out.

  • engineerzero

    Perhaps one day we’ll find out what this thing does.

  • seudafed

    Its a souped up Pi that can run Arduino compatible shields, Really nice specs!

    • mpechner

      More like Arduino shields that happen to be compatible with the Delta. $50 for the delta.

    • Whiskey

      That sounds a lot like the PCDuino. Is it better because of the RadioSchack branding on it?

  • Ray D. Jones

    Not an early adopter here, I will watch though….

  • AptPupil – A.K.A. – Jeff

    So, what is the ETA on this??