RadioShack is showing off a sample of their new Delta Series Mini PC Board at Maker Faire. I was able to grab a quick picture of it sitting behind the attached display. It’s looks really¬†impressive. Make sure you stop by their booth and check it out.

Marc de Vinck

Marc de Vinck

I’m currently working full time as the Dexter F. Baker Professor of Practice in Creativity in the Masters of Engineering in Technical Entrepreneurship Program at Lehigh University. I’m also an avid product designer, kit maker, author, father, tinkerer, and member of the MAKE Technical Advisory board.

  • engineerzero

    Perhaps one day we’ll find out what this thing does.

  • seudafed

    Its a souped up Pi that can run Arduino compatible shields, Really nice specs!

    • mpechner

      More like Arduino shields that happen to be compatible with the Delta. $50 for the delta.

    • Whiskey

      That sounds a lot like the PCDuino. Is it better because of the RadioSchack branding on it?

  • Ray D. Jones

    Not an early adopter here, I will watch though….

  • AptPupil – A.K.A. – Jeff

    So, what is the ETA on this??