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Remember a while back there was a mild hubbub about whether a wind-powered vehicle could travel faster than its own tailwind? There was quite a bit of controversy about it among makers and physicists, until Rick Cavallero unequivocally proved it could be done.

Since he set out what he intended to do, Rick’s Blackbird Wind Vehicle is for sale on ebay. Bidding at time of publication is just $265. It promises a 2.8x downwind speed. Any takers?

Michael Colombo

Michael Colombo

In addition to being an online editor for MAKE Magazine, Michael Colombo works in fabrication, electronics, sound design, music production and performance (Yes. All that.) In the past he has also been a childrens’ educator and entertainer, and holds a Masters degree from NYU’s Interactive Telecommunications Program.

  • Trav

    It’s up to $1000 with 29 bids and 8 days to go….

    • Michael Colombo

      WIth the amount of wind on the Playa, my guess is an enterprising Burner will snatch it up.

  • David Glover

    I am good friends with the guys who built this and was with them when they broke the record, there is probably $20,000+ in just materials and thousands of man hours building it. Shame that it would not get a really good home that could display it for others to see and learn from it.