Our Dale Dougherty tours the recent UK Maker Faire, and shows how the Maker Movement is thriving and growing all over the world. Highlights include Daleks, Rebel Pilots, and playing Pong with bacteria.

  • Robert Dunkel

    i am so glad to see there is a community out there that is into making stuff and things either for fun or for use, this used to be a common hobby among people at one time, especially kids, in fact popular mechanics was originally intended for people interested in the making of things, they even used to publish plans on how to make different power tools and equipment, they even at one time did plans for different lathes from a small model lathe to a full size lathe to get almost anything done on that you could possibly imagine or at least make a tool that you need with it, but they have become a mag for advertisers like most.
    Your Mag has got that same spirit of people wanting to make stuff and able to talk to those that enjoy doing that as well, and to bring others in that will enjoy it.

  • http://makezine.com Ken Denmead

    Thanks, Robert! That’s why we’re here!

  • http://blog.johntiernan.co.uk John T

    Brilliant film on the event. Disappointed I missed Dale’s talk, but being busy else where made up for it (As badly shown half way through by unexpected background appearance!). Great event, really can’t wait for the next one!

  • http://jjsanderson.com Jonathan

    Thanks for posting the film, Ken!

    @John T – Dale’s talk from the weekend is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHsnErw8TBc

    • http://blog.johntiernan.co.uk John T

      Thanks Jonathan, did come across that and a few others from the weekend. Know what I’m doing this evening!