Collin Cunningham’s videos remain golden! In Circuit Skills: LED Matrix he talks about LED matrices and how to control the LEDs with a multiplexing IC. He uses it to make a mini game machine!

Many an experimenter, hacker, tinkerer, & maker have heeded the call of the mighty matrix – and it’s no mystery why. A small army of LEDs elegantly wired in grid formation would be difficult for anyone with an appreciation for electronics hardware to pass up – even after considering the sometimes daunting wiring job that stands as prerequisite to entry.

Needless to say, I had a lot of fun working with LED matrices for this installment of the Circuit Skills series. Many folks have published code for their matrix projects and it was great to be able to try some of them out.

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • John Honniball

    Good stuff! I’ve just posted on my blog about a game that I wrote the other day that runs on the Arduino and uses an 8×8 red LED matrix as the display:

    I’ve rigged up a NES controller to the Arduino for input, too!

  • techmike

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    Sehr geiles Video…

  • mark

    its good for LED sign boards.. more of it to increase resolution.. it has been informative for me to see this..great job! good luck on more informative and innovative projects in the future..cheers!