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HeatSync Labs’ Moheeb Zara built this full body scanner with a Kinect that raises and lowers on a gantry while a turntable rotates the subject. The resulting scans are rendered with the help of ReconstructMe software. more photos on Flickr. [Thanks, David!]


John Baichtal

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  1. joe says:

    Ooh, a commercial software that taps into the kinect system. $200 is a little steep, but if it can export decent dummy models at true scale, it’d be worth it. Seriously considering buying a kinect and this software now, lots of possibilities!

  2. Do it! Marcos (guy in the picture) had some crazy hair from the back and it captured it well enough to print with fine detail. There is a free version of ReconstructMe and a non-commercial version of Skanect and there is also a software called Scenect.

  3. Juli says:

    Did you run into any problems with ReconstructMe recognizing the Kinect? Still trying to get a fix….

    1. Oh gosh yes. The kinect is a pain to get working with drivers because ReconstructMe uses openNI drivers which conflict with the drivers that autoinstall. that should help fix it :D

  4. joe says:

    Found a kinnect on ebay for $32, it’s on it’s way. I’ll mess around with the software next week. Thanks for the alternate software titles to try out.