If you’re interested in designing your own PCBs–I know I am!–it seems like a very daunting challenge, with lots of stuff to learn. Michael Leonard’s great PCB design guide is just the ticket! In his blog post, Michael describes PCB features like the board, layers, traces, vias, solder mask, silk screen, and so on. Then he provides some helpful design tips. It looks like Michael plans to follow up with a 2nd half of the article, wherein he plans to cover the actual process of designing the board in software, so check back with him. [thanks, Colin!]

John Baichtal

John Baichtal

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  • Michael Leonard

    Hey John thanks for posting this!

    I actually rewrote this article for the blog but we are having trouble getting it published for some reason.

    I hope everyone can find these guides useful, and as always if anyone has any questions then feel free to comment.

  • Laurensv

    Michael, what is up with your site? DNS cannot be resolved…

    • Michael Leonard

      It is currently working fine for me. I know Google was having some issues with their DNS servers yesterday, that may have been the issue.

      If you’re still having trouble let me know!