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Build this panjolele.

Today Maker Camp continues with the DIY Music theme as we meet three artists who build their own unusual instruments and coax beautiful sounds from them. Starting at 11am Pacific Time we’ll hangout with Walter Kitundu who makes nature-powered, hand-built record players; Krys Bobrowski, creator of kelp horns, an instrument she made by drying seaweed so that she could play it with her French Horn mouthpiece; and Zeke Leonard, maker of cigar box guitars.


Walter Kitundu.

Staying with the DIY musical instrument tip, our projects of the day are a diddley bow guitar and the more complex panjolele cake pan ukulele.

Tune in (Get it? Tune?) right here on Google+ and listen and make some beautiful music.

Stett Holbrook

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He is also the co-creator of Food Forward, a documentary TV series for PBS about the innovators and pioneers changing our food system.

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