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Since it’s re-release of sorts early last month as part of our Weekend Projects series, the “Drawdio” Musical Pencil continues to inspire people to make. From skilled builders to people experimenting for the first time with electronics, the Drawdio is both an accessible and fun project to learn from.

Gary's first attempt at the Drawdio included this build on solderless breadboard.

Gary Rudd’s first attempt at the Drawdio included a build on solderless breadboard (above) before quickly moving on to document – and complete – his first electronics project (with the assistance of his kids Kyle, 8 and Ryan, 5):

Congratulations Gary!

Greensboro-based maker Derek Moore

Greensboro-based maker Derek Moore took this shot of his first attempt at the Drawdio, also on breadboard. Using this method, makers can experiment and learn the circuit, which only takes an hour to assemble.

Drawdio desk

While the Drawdio itself is absent from this shot, Dave prepared his workspace and writes, “Had so much fun yesterday making that drawdio pencil that I’m doing it again today.”

And lastly Ian Kimball wrote in with this shot of his Drawdio. Watch the wonderful video he made below to see - and hear! - it in action.

And lastly Ian Kimball wrote in with this shot of his Drawdio. Watch the wonderful video he made below to see – and hear! – it in action.

If you build the Drawdio or any of our 40+ beginner-friendly Weekend Projects, be sure to take photos and send us an email with a story of your experiences or share your build with the Make: Forum Community on Google+.

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