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Saint Malo Mini Maker FaireThis post is coming to you live from the Saint Malo Mini-Maker Faire—the first Maker Faire in France—being held at the IUT de Saint-Malo here this weekend.

I talked to makers  Serge Porcher—President de l’association les amis de l’ile du Guesclin—and Jacques Pichon—a teacher at the Lycées de La Fontaine des Eaux à Dinan—at the Saint Malo mini-Maker Faire about the Île du Guesclin which Serge’s father, and more recently Jacques and enthusiastic students from his school, have made self-sufficient.

Jacques commented that,

The island is iconic, it symbolises exactly what you’d imaging when you think about sustainability. It’s making at human scale, reconsidering the basic needs—water, heating—creating a low cost solution, and making a difference on a small scale.

Alasdair Allan

Alasdair Allan is a scientist, author, hacker and tinkerer, who is spending a lot of his time thinking about the Internet of Things. In the past he has mesh networked the Moscone Center, caused a U.S. Senate hearing, and contributed to the detection of what was—at the time—the most distant object yet discovered.

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